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The iDesign Pent Shed

from £635 (ex.VAT)

Delivery: varies on location

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Pent roof sheds are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their sleek, modern appearance and affordable pricing.

These sheds offer a stylish and practical solution for those looking to enhance their garden with additional storage space. If you prefer a contemporary design for your garden shed, a pent roof shed is an excellent choice.

Unlike traditional apex roof sheds, which feature a peaked roof, pent roof sheds have a single, flat, sloping roof.

We offer the option of a front to back slope, or a 'lean to' left or right facing slope.

High Density

Ultra Hygenic

100% Safe

High Security

Pricing Plan

If you don't see the sizing you require listed in the table below, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Any size can be made to fit any space required.

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Width/Depth Price Full Insulation Upgrade
1m x 1m £635.00 (ex.VAT) +£99.00 (ex.VAT)
1.25m x 1m £730.00 (ex.VAT) +£104.00 (ex.VAT)
1.25m x 1.25m £820.00 (ex.VAT) +£114.00 (ex.VAT)
1.5m x 1.25m £915.00 (ex.VAT) +£124.00 (ex.VAT)
1.5m x 1.5m £1,015.00 (ex.VAT) +£129.00 (ex.VAT)
1.75 x 1m £915.00 (ex.VAT) +£124.00 (ex.VAT)
1.75m x 1.25m £1,015.00 (ex.VAT) +£129.00 (ex.VAT)
1.75m x 1.5m £1,120.00 (ex.VAT) +£139.00 (ex.VAT)
1.75m x 1.75m £1,225.00 (ex.VAT) +£149.00 (ex.VAT)
2m x 1m £1,015 (ex.VAT) +£129.00 (ex.VAT)
2m x 1.25m £1,120.00 (ex.VAT) +£139.00 (ex.VAT)
2m x 1.5m £1,225.00 (ex.VAT) +£149.00 (ex.VAT)
2m x 1.75m £1,290.00 (ex.VAT) +£154.00 (ex.VAT)
2m x 2m £1,315.00 (ex.VAT) +£159.00 (ex.VAT)

Optional Upgrades

None of these items come as standard, however they are completely optional upgrades depending on your needs and requirements.

Upgrade Price
Stable Door £65.00 (ex.VAT)
Full Internal Steel Security Gate £145.00 (ex.VAT)
Extra Door £90.00 (ex.VAT)
Window (opening/fixed) £55.00 (ex.VAT)
Extra Vent £15.00 (ex.VAT)
Lamp Hanging Bracket £10.00 (ex.VAT)
Guttering Price depending on size
Extended 0.6m Roof Overhang £40.00 per M (ex.VAT)


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